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Health and Stable Income


Free AND Health Life
Population Aging

Everyone Wants Happy and Health Retirement Life
Huge Potential for Heath Market

People can live up to 80 to 90yo in our days.

We live longer, But our body still aging and losing health without care.

Life Time Hard Working gets us short pension and increasing medical bills.
Many middle class people ends up cash strapped after retirement, And taking 
social welfare for living.
No one wants to end Up on wheel chair and bed or In Sanatorium.

Best Signature Product​


We Just Need One Best

It's a powerful and innovative transdermal blend containing exclusive and proprietary homeopathic ingredients and nutraceuticals.

​Official Youtube Introduction


the Gel is Not Panacea,

It Can't Replace Medical Care.
It Effected Differently on Each People.

But Overall

It Helps People for Better Health Body.

Just Simply Continuous Use Product, And It Also Free Your Finance.

It Helps Keep Body Health and Reduce Risk of Geriatric Diseases.

Google and Youtube Search
You can Find Used Experience Sharing and Practicing Physicians Comments on Above Links.

This Product Has Been Tested, And It Doesn't Include Human Growth Hormone.
The Principle of Homeopathy is to Stimulate Autogenous Secretion.

Recommended by More Than 6000 U.S. Practicing Physicians.

No Doctor's Prescription Needs,

Please Feel at Ease to Use.

         60% of Germans, 49% of Belgians, and 40% of French have used homeopathy.

         Advanced countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Switzerland have included it in the scope of national health insurance payments.

         According to statistics from the World Health Organization, among countries with a gross national product of more than US$1,500, homeopathy is the most popular alternative therapy, and acupuncture ranks second.

         The European Union and the United States are listed in regulations as drug management, which is part of the government-approved alternative medicine.

         So far, Homeopathy is used in more than 70 countries around the world, and 400 million patients use it regularly, and more than 100,000 doctors use homeopathic preparations in their prescriptions.

什麼是順勢療法 - 順勢醫學會理事長 黃柏榮
順勢療法與對抗療法的差別 - 法國藥廠


the Company

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Annual Revenues 

(Sells Only Somaderm in U.S. Market Before 2019)

Review the Numbers of Success in Market
2017  6 Million Dollar
2018  60 Million Dollar
2019  150 Million Dollar
2020  270 Million Dollar
2020  Bonus Pay Out 35%

Stable Income


New Direct Selling Company spend time and money on trending product of exclusive patent to crack market.

They also evolved easier bonus rules.

But multiple bonus payout system still difficult to understand in the begining for new distributor.

Why so Hard to Get Succeeded with Hot Product and Easier Bonus Rules

People wants to profit at fast way. They made the marketing selling pattern as a diamond pyramid money cycling system.

Some use dummy account to purchase extra stocks for higher rank.

They ask people to massive purchase on promotion to join impractical commercial travels and trainings to push up their rank that makes people getting excessive products in the end.

Products Stuck at Home, Can't Finish, Can't Exchange and Can't Sell.

Paying money and time to endless workshops, trainings and conferences for diamond Team and system.

To makes people believe diamond mirage, But most people end up a stepping-stone of few raising diamond stars in the end.

Getting Income from Bonus System

1,000 or 2,000 Irregular dollar bonus.

It's impractical pocket money.

It's only worth it, If we make it living standard and continuous stable income. ​

No Need to Spend Money

        On Stocks to Buy and Sell,

              Workshops and Commercial Travels                    and World Congresses

No Need to Spend Time

         On Group, Conference, OPP

               Upline Diamond, Team and System                 

No More Free Labor for Upline and Team Anymore. No More Invest Enormous Time and Effort, And Not Getting Pay.

Own Your Time

You don't have to fly for teams all over the world. That makes you no time to enjoy own wealth, even you hit the diamond.

No More Endless Recruiting People, Because of worry about losing people. You only need 2 partners in your business.

You Only Needs

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